Marketing Tips & Ideas to cash-in on Valentine’s day Buzz


Business marketing ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day gets a lot of buzz globally and also in Ireland, after all, we are a bunch of romantic softhearted cuddle & snuggle seeking people, at this time of the year.
And buzz can increase the effectiveness of marketing activities. but, the more buzz there is, the more marketing noise and competitors show up!

So, how can you stand out? How can you make the most of this Valentine’s day no matter what industry you are in?

I have some super cool and effective tips that can show you how…

Start Early to Edge Out the Competition

Valentine’s Day is a big holiday for florists, jewelers, restaurants, dentists, Beauty, and retail business owners.

The key to breaking through the noise is to start early.

Prospects are going to pay more attention to the first wave of leaflets delivered to them as opposed to the third or fourth valentine’s offer they have received in the letterbox.

You want to get your marketing message to them when there is no chance of marketing fatigue.

Being first also means by the time your prospect is ready to buy, they will have seen your leaflets more times than your competitors.

leaflet distribution
Early Leaflet distribution can help your business boost sales this Valentine’s Day

So: Start advertising your special offer now through leaflet delivery and keep going all the way through to February 14th.
(How many people do you think will wait until the last minute to buy their gifts? Usually most of us!)

The sooner you start promoting, the more likely your prospects are to think of you when they’re ready to do their Valentine’s Day shopping.

If you’re doing a leaflet delivery campaign; a flyer design & printing can take about 5 days and together with proper planning you really want to start contacting All Homes right Now.

Get Creative with Offers to Entice Prospects

Although Valentine’s Day is thought to be dominated by chocolates, jewelry, candy hearts and flowers, there are always ways for other industries to get results if you get creative with your offers.

For example, car servicing isn’t something you would think of the top of your head as a Valentine’s Day gift, but you can market it creatively.
Why not offer a discount on car servicing, and present it as a thoughtful gift for a husband who spends time on his weekend taking care of his treasured automobile?

You can also use this opportunity to show your love and appreciation for your existing customers.
Offer them a discount on your product or service as a gift from you to them!

If you’re a dentist, tell your patients and prospects they will “love” their smile after a FREE whitening treatment from you!
Or maybe you’d prefer to take a different route altogether? Offer a discount to singles or host a “treat yourself” pampering event.

Get creative and you too can take advantage of this Valentin’s Day.

Use Social Media to Connect with Prospects

When you have a holiday filled with media buzz, join in the conversation.

Use your social media channels to discuss past Valentine’s Day traditions with prospects.

The more they connect with your company during this time, the better your chances are of having them choose your company for their Valentine’s Day gift.

leaflet distribution
Leaflet Distribution can help build awareness around the date and gift suggestions on the flyer


For example; Ask your Facebook and Twitter followers to share their most romantic story or even their WORST Valentine’s Day story, and then engage and connect with them.
Everybody has a story to share!

You could even announce a contest for the best (or worst) story and present the winner with something free or a discount on your product or service.

It’s a great way to get more shares, followers, and customers!

So dive into Valentine’s Day this year and maximize the marketing potential that it holds!

Call All Homes team on 01 623 71 55 for ideas specific to your industry in Ireland.

What Valentine’s Day marketing campaigns have worked for you in past? Share them here…

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