Making Back To School Marketing As Easy As ABC


All Homes data shows that over half of shoppers will have already started making their back to school purchases by July with the remainder using the summer holidays.

Given that this event is also the largest retail event of the autumn, driving a whopping €580m in revenue for the Irish economy, it’s a key event for marketers to get right.

Read on to discover more about consumer behaviors around this season and learn how you can best capture the trends using leaflet distribution.

Making Back To School Marketing As Easy As ABC and Profitable as x123

As summer comes to a close and the fall begins, the school season is just around the corner! This is the time to promote your business for back to school rush and a few weeks later to promote again for holiday specials.

Every season has a reason to promote your business in Ireland. And any business owner or marketing person’s job is to come up with offers that pertain to it and that will keep their customers engaged to purchase during that season.

When businesses start a leaflet distribution campaign during a specific season with limited time offers that are associated with certain products or services, they are more likely to receive a response due to the time sensitivity factor.

Back to school is the time for retail stores to offer deals on clothing, accessories, and supplies. There are always great deals for back to school because students that are going back to school are required to have certain products and, of course, the latest fashion trends.

Retail businesses can promote their offers during the summer months in preparation for the upcoming school year encouraging parents to start shopping early to cash in on the best deals. Saving money and being prepared for school early is a win-win for both students and parents!

Also, when people think of the holiday season, they think family, friends, food, and great deals on products and services! These can be as gifts or items that are needed in preparation for the holiday season.

In the blink of an eye, the holiday season will be upon you and it’s time to get the house ready for guests, decorating needs to be done, and general home maintenance has to be performed.

This is a great time for contractors and builders to promote holiday related pieces on home improvement or maintenance. Many people forget how busy they are during the year and once the holiday season rolls around, they realize that there is general home maintenance that needs to be done before guests can arrive, and, don’t forget all the cleaning panic around the house, if you are a cleaning company, promoting your business now will definitely get you busy for the remainder of year.

These two seasons can be big for any business in Ireland if they know how to advertise it correctly. This all comes down to knowing your consumer and aiming towards their needs during any time of the year!

The holiday season is approaching but It’s Not Too Late to Profit from Back to School NOW!

Parents and non-parents alike know when it’s Back to School time. Tesco, Dunnes Stores, Aldi, and Lidl (Check Lidl’s latest awesome flyer here) are extra packed, kids aren’t playing outside as much and retail stores are having huge back-to-school deals.

Who says retail stores have to be the only ones to benefit?

Back-to-school related searches and interest soaring as shown in this graph. Credits: Google


According to a Google study, “Internet searches for back-to-school bargains had soared over the last couple of years. Searches for coupons are up 40% over last year and searches for buy-one-get-one-free deals are up 30%.”


Even if your small business’s product or service isn’t directly school-related, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on potential back-to-school sales.


top ten trending brand searches
Top ten trending brand searches related with back-to-school. Credits: Google


Buying patterns begin to change around August and September — the average person actually starts paying attention to offers. It’s like, “Vacation is over, I’m ready to buy and I’m on the radar for good deals.

Some marketing ideas to improve your business back to school marketing grades

  • Create a Marketing Connection That Gets Attention
    If your product or service has no connection to back-to-school, create one! For example, dentists or doctors can promote how to stay healthy while playing sports or send a list of healthy lunch ideas for kids with an offer to try your service at a percentage off your normal price.
  • Last Chance Specials!
    If you offer a service you know kids and families may not have time for after school started, offer a “last chance” special. For example, a swimming school could offer discounted lessons or the Dublin Zoo may offer 2-for-1 admissions.
  • Throw a Back to School Party (and don’t forget the parents!)
    There are many ways to do this. If you’re a restaurant, contact local schools about having a healthy food party or offer easy-to-go, affordable meals for parents with busy schedules on a budget. Also, health centers and hotels can offer parents a last-minute getaway or spas can offer “I finally get a break” back massage.
  • Clean House
    Many families say, “kids are in school, the holidays are coming up and this house is a mess!” If you have a cleaning, carpet cleaning, roofing or home remodeling company — send out specific leaflets and flyers with offers to new and current customers.

Remember, you don’t have to sell office supplies to attract customers for back-to-school. Whether you are a construction company, veterinarian, dentist or car sales — our marketing consultants can help you come up with an effective leaflet distribution marketing campaign that reaches your target market locally and nationwide in Ireland.

Need a creative idea of how you can tie back-to-school into your marketing offer? Call us at 016237155, we can help you with design, print, and distribution of your marketing offers to homes in Ireland.

What are your ideas for back-to-school? I’d like to know, post them in the comments below.

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