Key business dates this festive season & 7 Essential marketing tips for holiday success


The 2017 festive season is upon us, Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Weekend and the Christmas period all just around the corner.
These key dates and the festive season, in general, should be taken advantage of, to boost revenue for your business but also to place your business in front of more customers and prospective buyers with eye-catching promotional messages, adverts, marketing pieces, leaflets, printed coupon, product catalogs and more.

Before we get to the 7 tips on how to make the most of this period, here are key business dates you should remember,  plan for, and what they mean for your business:

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When and what is Halloween?

Although Halloween is on October 31st 2017, in the Republic of Ireland it is celebrated as a public holiday on the last Monday in October.
This day became a bank holiday in 1977 and as it falls close to Halloween, it has become known as the Halloween holiday.
Prefered by kids but also grown ups it presents an excellent opportunity to promote your business and market your discount to an open-minded audience.



When is Black Friday in Ireland?

When is Black Friday in Ireland?
For many businesses, Black Friday is the biggest sales event of the year. The sales extravaganza takes place the day after Thanksgiving, which falls on the fourth Thursday in November.
This year, amazing deals will be available to shop on Friday 24th November 2017.
Why is it called Black Friday?
A popular explanation for the name is because Black Friday is one of the best days for the economy, with retailers’ accounts moving from ‘the red’ into ‘the black’. The term has also been used by police officers and drivers over the past 50 years to describe the chaotic day after Thanksgiving when US cities are overrun with traffic from early Christmas shoppers.
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What and When is Cyber Weekend?

What is Cyber Monday?
Another American tradition just like Black Friday, Cyber Monday is the biggest online shopping day of the year. Offering fantastic price reductions and the best deals exclusively online.

When is Cyber Monday in Ireland?
The fabulous online shopping event always falls on the Monday after the Thanksgiving weekend and Black Friday. This year, amazing deals will be available to shop online on Monday 27th November 2017.

Why is it called Cyber Monday?
Ellen Davis, a senior vice president of the National Retail Federation in the US, coined the term in 2005 when she issued a press release with the title, “Cyber Monday Quickly Becoming One of the Biggest Online Shopping Days of the Year”.
The research found that there was a huge increase in sales on the Monday following Thanksgiving when customers took to the internet to carry on shopping following the amazing discounts available on Black Friday.

Today, Cyber Monday has become a term used by every retailer to promote their biggest online deals ahead of the Christmas shopping season.
This year, don’t miss out on the opportunity to generate awareness and grow your business and start planning nad enticing your prospect early.



What can i do for my business this Christmas Period?

Tis the season to be profitable with a good leaflet campaign.
As spending ramps up during the Christmas period, it’s important that your business is poised to take advantage of holiday marketing.
By following the 7 tips below, you can ensure that your campaign results will bring joy to your business in Ireland this Christmas 2017!

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7 Essential tips for holiday success.

For many businesses, this is “make or break” for their year and a strong showing in the fourth quarter is critical.
What are you doing to ensure a successful end of the year for your business?
Here are, easy to implement tips to help you make this holiday season a success.

All Homes discount coupon
All Homes discount coupon


Tip 1: Start marketing now to capture early holiday business when there is little competition.

Conventional thinking assumes that consumers don’t really start their holiday shopping until after Thanksgiving.
This may have been true in the past, but the online shopping revolution has changed the rules of the game.
Research shows that online spending starts to increase as early as the beginning of October and many large retail chains are
starting their sales before the Thanksgiving holiday to compensate.
One thing is clear: consumers are ready to spend before November, so why not take this opportunity to showcase your products as early as the Halloween?
With so many businesses still subscribing to the old way of thinking and waiting for “Black Friday”
to start their promotions, marketing early (both online and offline) presents an untapped opportunity for your business.
leafleting Early, leafleting Often.

Tip 2: Send leaflets early and hit your customers multiple times to give them every opportunity to buy.

While others are waiting, start marketing by getting your flyer out now before the flyer-stream starts to
get crowded with your competitors’ pieces. By getting your leaflet in their hands early, you can send multiple
times over the next few months, giving your customers plenty of opportunities to buy. The common mistake here
is waiting to see how the first leaflet performs or trying to time the peak. With production and delivery times
stretching out during the busy holidays, you won’t have time to react. Plan accordingly and make sure your promotions
are lined up beforehand to ensure that all of your leaflet campaigns get out.

Tip 3: Market aggressively to your online customers.

It’s no secret that online shopping has been booming over the past few years and all indications
are that it will continue to grow. Online shoppers spent €375 billion in 2016 and will surpass
€500 billion this year. By 2020, online shopping is projected to grow to 735 billion.
(Source: Forrester)
Additionally, online shoppers are affected less by a slow economy than general consumers.
Given the current economic conditions, you can’t afford to ignore this profitable sales channel.
With great offers such as free shipping, discounts, or even value-add services such as gift wrapping,
converting online sales is an easier task this time of year.

Tip 4: Target online buyers effectively with a leaflet campaign; it makes a great one-two punch with email.

Good e-marketers will tell you that one of the best ways to maximize online traffic and sales is
using direct mail to target shoppers and drive them to the Web. Email is great – if you have opted-in addresses.
If you don’t have them or want to make sure you hit your entire geographic area and customer list, direct mail is the ideal way to accomplish this.
Seasoned marketers know that you still have to reach buyers with a solid
combination of traditional and online marketing communications.

Tip 5: A direct mail strategy isn’t a one-time thing.

Instead, it’s a long-term commitment to cultivating potential customers and turning them into paying clients.
Especially if you begin your direct mail holiday push now, it’s important to mail often and consistently throughout the entire season.
This not only gives consumers multiple opportunities to buy but also keeps your brand in the forefront of their minds.

The closer we get to the holidays, the more direct mail that your competitors will be sending out as well.
The result? Stuffed letterboxes for consumers. This is why it’s critical to send direct mail often, especially during the holidays.
A single mailing could get lost in the shuffle of competition, so sending direct mail consistently heightens the chance of boosting your sales.
Spread the Cheer Through Direct Mail

Tip 6: Give your customers something to be joyful and cheerful about.

By showcasing your latest deals, offers, and discounts through your direct mail marketing strategy, you ensure that your clients are excited about your brand.
One of the immeasurable benefits this creates is word-of-mouth marketing.
As special deals excite consumers, they’ll be more likely to spread the word with their family and friends.
Furthermore, sending special rewards to your most loyal customers will establish their loyalty even more and give
them a reason to make you their primary shopping destination as they shop for gifts this holiday season.

Tip 7: Don’t just market before the holidays – make sure you get your share of the post-holiday business.

It’s so easy to focus on marketing during the holidays that it’s easy to forget about the marketing strategy in store for 2018.
While there will certainly be a major retail push at the end of the year, this isn’t the end of your marketing strategy.

Instead, you want to target buyers now with a leaflet campaign and make sure that you continue to share your business with them after the holiday as well.
Remember, post-holiday sales are just as popular and will help you kick off the New Year on a solid note.

Take a cue from the big boys – post-holiday sales are always popular, whether it’s people exchanging unwanted gifts
or spending holiday cash they received. Reaching your customers after the holidays with well-timed mailings will help
you liquidate the last of your year-end inventory or start getting ready for next year with New Year’s promotions.

Think of your leaflet campaign as a smart investment strategy – you don’t want to be trying to time the market.

Key business dates this festive season & 7 Essential marketing tips for holiday success
Key business dates this festive season & 7 Essential marketing tips for holiday success

To your business success – hope you make the most of this excellent opportunity this year of 2017.

Promote consistently both before and after major holidays to ensure that you’re staying top of mind with
customers whenever they’re ready to buy.

Even if consumers don’t respond immediately, it’s important to view your leaflet marketing strategy as an investment.
Promoting your business consistently will undoubtedly result in greater sales in the long-run.

Hope all of this makes sense to you! Call one of our account managers on 016237155 if you have questions about how to schedule & plan your leaflet distribution, or you can always visit and submit the form.

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