How To Quickly Overcome Objections When Prospects Don’t Buy From You


Why prospects DON’T BUY FROM YOU?

How to overcome their objections?

You know how babies call our attention? They cry on top of their lungs. Do you know how babies ask for food? They scream and cry even more…also, remember when we were kids, did you ever ask your parents repeatedly, even beg, for a toy, a sweet, or permission to stay up late? I did…

I kept asking because I knew they would eventually give in. Those of you reading this that are parents, you also know what I am talking about. Right?

Well, guess what? Direct mail marketing or door to door leaflet distribution works exactly the same way!

People respond to repetition. Your target market or prospective customers need to be asked MORE THAN ONCE to buy from you, or else they won’t!

They will forget. Or they’ll buy from someone else.

There are basically 4 objections or reasons why they won’t buy. I’ll tell you what they are…

Prospects don’t buy from you because they either have no need, no money, no hurry or no trust.

Let’s go through them one by one.

Objection number 1: Prospects Don’t Buy from You because they Have NO NEED.

It’s never personal, some people just don’t want what you’re offering. Just yet.

That’s alright…Others will!

Think of it this way:

If you were searching for a roofing company, you wouldn’t go looking at a bike shop, would you?

So don’t send your leaflets to audiences who aren’t interested in what you’re offering!

Send them to groups of people who have demonstrated that they DO want your product or service. Those people are:

  • Your own customers
  • Your competitor’s customers
  • People who have purchased products and services that complement your products and services

Do that and you’ll save time and money on your marketing.

Objection number 2: Prospects Don’t Buy from You because they have NO MONEY.

Well, that’s oversimplifying; they have money, they have just decided that spending it on something else is more important to them.

It’s your job to make it clear that buying from you will either:

  • Get rid of something they don’t want
  • Get them something they do want, or
  • Get them more of something they already like

Think about the most annoying problem you can solve for people in your targeted market, and use leaflets to communicate how you can solve it!

Objection number 3: Prospects Don’t Buy from You because they are in NO HURRY.

Even after people decide to buy something, they often slowly drag their feet…slowly.

And the longer they wait, the more likely they are to forget why your product or service is valuable to them in the first place.

This is why repetitive leafleting campaigns are so important. They remind your prospects what they’re missing!

Plus, you can reward customers who take immediate action with a time-limited offer. Give them a deadline and they’ll have a reason to hurry.

Note: The more expensive or complicated your product or service is, the more times you have to hit prospects with your message before they act.

Take a real-estate agent, for example. People rarely take action after seeing just one leaflet, because buying or selling a house it’s a BIG decision. People hate regretting their decisions. That’s why…

Objection number 4: Prospects Don’t Buy from You because they have NO TRUST.

Buyer’s remorse is real. I’ve had it. It’s NOT a good feeling.

Nobody wants to buy something only to feel they’ve been ripped off or acted on impulse or feeling that they were talked into buying something. So, they’ll put off buying something they want or even need, just to avoid this feeling.

Here’s how to sidestep that:

  • Take away their risk in doing business with you. Offer them some kind of guarantee, like a free trial or their money back if they’re not satisfied.
  • Provide a way that they can trust you. Give them testimonials from satisfied customers that prove the quality and reliability of your product or service.
  • Remove any perceived risk. Make it easy for prospects to communicate with you and have their questions answered. Show them you are REAL and that you value their trust.

In short; The only reasons why people don’t buy from you – No need, no money, no hurry and no trust.

Respond to these objections and you’ll increase your sales and profits!

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