How to Quickly Create Irresistible Marketing Offers (With Real Campaign Examples)


So, in my last article, I promised to go over (as requested by our followers) some real-world examples of the top marketing offers and features that should be showcased on leaflets, flyers, brochures and direct mail campaigns in order to get your phone ringing with orders. That’s what I will show you in this article.

How to create good marketing offers and why your offer is essential.

There are a lot of important components that go into creating an effective leaflet distribution campaign. Today I want to address one of the most important parts on the list: THE ACTUAL OFFER

It may seem counter-intuitive to give your prospects and customers a discount when you are struggling already, and it may even seem crazier to do just that when they are already lining up to pay your normal prices, but there is more to it than meets the eye.
I’ll explain it…

If you have tried using direct mail or door to door leaflet deliveries before then you might have read (or heard about) the lengthy lesson about crafting the perfect leaflet campaign; There is the planning, the design, timing, repetition and everything else.

But if you were to choose which component IS the most important? At All Homes, WE KNOW the most important component is THE OFFER.

Of all the best direct marketing tips I can give you, creating the perfect offer would be the most effective one to date. No other marketing tip can give you almost instant positive response other than a great, well-thought offer, simply because we humans are hardwired to ‘never turn down a good offer’.

With regards to how to create effective direct mail campaign, a good offer is essential because it will be the star of your marketing parade. What is excellent design or proper timing if your prospective clients can’t see an offer that would entice them to take the next step.

You might be worried by now that what we are talking about here is crafting an offer that will break the bank. Don’t worry, we will not discuss anything of the sort. We just have to focus on the things that make an offer “perfect” in the eyes of your customers.

So, how do you create the perfect offer using direct mail? You have to remember that an offer has two purposes in your marketing plan.

  1. To attract new customers.
  2. To reward existing customers and to guarantee future loyalty.

This means you have to craft 2 kinds of offers. Let’s start with the new customers. These factors should be present in your offers if you want to entice new customers.

High Value – You should remember that as new customers, you should give them a “reason” to choose you over the other companies. Don’t just focus on the monetary value but the overall value of the offer.
Low Cost – Customers love a good steal. Make sure you make them feel like they are getting a bargain.
Believability – If something is too good to be true then it probably isn’t. Don’t give away offers that are too ludicrous to believe in.

For existing customers, you have to include all 3 factors above plus one more thing.

Rewards – To ensure loyalty among your current customers, you should include rewards on your offers. This will give them the idea that you are appreciating them for being loyal to you.

These 2 major functions that an offer (special rate, sale, discount, etc.) plays in your marketing campaign; Entices new customers to try your product or service and rewards current customers and ensures future loyalty.

In a successful marketing plan, these are your two main goals.

Neglect new prospects and your business won’t grow. Ignore your current existing customers, and your business will see high customer turnover, and stop growing – right before it drops off a cliff!

Here are some tips on how you can use special offers to reinforce your marketing.

Crafting Offers for New Prospects

Here’s an example of how a special offer can work for you when generating new leads. If you spend €5,000 and get 100 leads, your cost per lead is €50.00. Now, let’s say you add an offer for a €25.00 gift card to everyone that calls after seeing your leaflet and instead of 100 you get 200 responses. Your cost per lead is still €50.00 (€25 per response and then the €25 gift card), BUT this way you get twice as many leads, meaning you will likely make twice as much revenue off of that promotion.

Here are the components of a good new prospect offer:

High Perceived value
Your offer must have a very high perceived value but only cost you a reasonable amount to give. So many things are free these days that as consumers we expect amazing offers.
Think about it… Google is free, Facebook is free, at cafes Wifi is free. Do your homework on this point. Survey customers and find out what they would find valuable that you can give away (Note: this doesn’t necessarily mean free. See “Low Cost” for more on this.). If it isn’t considered valuable, it will not entice people to respond. Worse, it could make them feel like you are out-of-touch or simply do not really care about their business.

Low Cost
The prospect needs to feel as if they are getting a steal, especially if they’re trying something for the first time. A steal doesn’t mean you need to give something away for free (but don’t be afraid to offer a product or service for free, it is very effective!); it could be a steep discount or something similar. The profit you gain from a lifelong customer far outweighs the price of a great promotion.

Prospects are very wary of offers from companies they are not familiar with. You do not want to try to trick people into thinking your offer is better than it really is. Avoid having to use the dreaded asterisk if at all possible! This only decreases a prospect’s trust with you.
State the offer clearly and accurately, and make it believable. “FREE* 2017 Mercedes” isn’t fooling anyone. The following pages show examples of new prospect offers that were great successes for some clients.

direct marketing offers examples and ideas
direct marketing offers examples and ideas

Crafting Offers for Current Customers

To tailor an offer to your existing customers, you need to follow the same basic principles as new prospects offer, but with an added condition.

The offer must have:

  • High value
  • Low cost
  • Believability AND
  • A reward

Your customers need to know they are getting this deal as an exclusive reward for their loyalty, and because you value their business.
This is not an attempt to draw them in — you’ve already done that!
It’s important to reward your customers and continue the relationship.

Even a small gesture can go a long way. Consider what you can offer and make sure your bottom line isn’t taking a huge hit. If you can’t offer a free product or service (e.g. free dinner for two), scale down your offer to something that still offers value, for example, free refills with any meal.

The following pages show some examples of what reward offers look like.

direct marketing offers examples and ideas
direct marketing offers examples and ideas

Follow these simple and quick fire tips and you’ll see your marketing offer will do the work to bring in more sales and build loyalty!
Remember, if you give a little, you’ll get back a lot!
We do our best to track the marketing offers that work in many industries. If you need ideas or inspiration, call one of our marketing consultants on 016237155 to find out what’s working now in your industry – and our advice is always FREE!

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