How to create a stress-free leaflet distribution marketing calendar


Leaflet distribution planning formula for a stress-free marketing calendar

I’m sure we all would like to travel to the future, who wouldn’t? Physically we can’t, but, we can travel into the future with our minds, that’s called planning.

And when it comes to leaflet distribution marketing, we definitely should!

Planning ahead will not only help you create the best campaign possible but also help you do so without pulling your hair out about getting your design or printing out on time!

After you are done reading this article, I recommend you read this Leaflet Distribution Checklist today. Moving on…

Would You like a Stress-free, super duper effective, leaflet delivery campaign? Read on for my super duper simple planning formula.

Get your calendars out! (You can use a desk/paper calendar or your phone or tablet — any calendar will do! and I am sure “there’s an app for that”, ups!)

Check this out…

Leaflet distribution marketing is like a game of chess: You should always be thinking three moves ahead! 1-Design, 2-Print, 3-Delivery.

When you schedule your campaigns in advance:

  1. You don’t feel rushed and stressed about deadlines (and neither does your designer!).
  2. You have time to make sure you get EXACTLY the leaflets you want from your printers at the best price.
  3. You get to shop around for the best deals.
  4. You can actually focus on running your business

In this “chess game”, each “move” should be one month.

That means:

If you’re thinking about marketing for your St Patrick’s Day special, you should start planning it by Valentin’s day.

Yes, Seriously!

Take Christmas, for example.

If you start your leafleting campaign in the beginning of November, you’ll have time to reach your prospects multiple times and cement your business in their minds before they make all their holiday purchases.

Plus, you have enough time to allow your leaflet distribution company (All Homes) to provide you pricing based on a 4-week distribution, which is cheaper for You.

But if you wait until late November or early December to start your campaign, you won’t have time to do multiple deliveries, team availability will be shortened by increased demand and prices will go up.

And to get those first leaflets out at the beginning of November, that campaign planning should be well underway by October.

Bear in mind:

One leaflet campaign is better than none, but to generate the best return on your investment (and who doesn’t want to do that?), you need to hit your prospects multiple times.

Read this: 10 Tips to Quickly Improve the Profitability of Your Leaflet Distribution Campaign, Campaign frequency is one of the aspects that is proved to improve results.

So, have your calendar at hand and flip ahead. The day you finish one leaflet delivery campaign, schedule the next one!

To put it simply:

Most business owners in Ireland do their own marketing. Luckily, marketing is one of the few things you can plan and do far in advance!

By scheduling your holiday promotions well ahead of time, you give yourself time to do all of the other tasks required of you to keep your business tching, tchinging, along during the busy season!

To me, the easiest way to plan in advance is to work backward. This post in itself is proof of that, as all I am trying to do is to build awareness to the upcoming busy month of March.

A month that holds very special dates, like; International Women’s Day, St. Patricks Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Mothers Day. All of which, should be on every business marketing calendar to-do list of promotions.

Do you have your calendar ready? Great!

Now, here’s that marketing planning formula I mentioned:

The first step is to select your “leaflet hit date,” or the first day your prospects starts receiving your leaflets.

On that day on your calendar, mark “leaflet hits.”


Go back four weekdays on the calendar — not including Sundays or holidays — and mark “Hand leaflets to All Homes Leaflet Distribution Ltd.” This is the day you need to drop off your leaflets to us here at All Homes. See where I’m going with this?

Here are the seven dates you want to mark on your calendar:

  1. Choose target market and get area count
  2. Place order for quantity of leaflets needed (Step 1 and 2 can usually be done on the same day)
  3. Leaflet Design complete and approved
  4. Leaflet Printing complete
  5. Areas processed and tracking set
  6. Hand leaflets to All Homes Leaflet Distribution Ltd
  7. Leaflet hits
Leaflet distribution planner
Leaflet distribution planner

And this is VERY important:

Make sure your leaflet distribution partner or account manager knows and agrees to your deadlines!

At All Homes, we guarantee one to five business days for a full design to be delivered for approval. This is pretty quick by industry standards.

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Also, we always make sure that printing is done and ready at your place or our warehouse within 3 to 5 days, but it also depends on quantity and leaflet type. That’s VERY QUICK!

The leaflet delivery timing is where you need to allow more time in order for you to be able to select the lowest pricing plan and availability before targeting specific calendar events.
Nevertheless, at All Homes is very common to get a campaign out for customers within one-week timeframe window, from design, printing, and delivery start.

Hope all of this make sense to you! Call one of our account managers on 016237155 if you have questions about how to schedule & plan your leaflet distribution, or you can always visit and submit the form.

Our team at All Homes Leaflet distribution is always available to help guide you through planning, design options, printing and targeting methods for a successful leaflet distribution campaign.

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