Black Friday 2018 is Here: Mark Your Calendars!


This year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, take place on Friday 23rd November and Monday the 26th November, it is a key business opportunity.

The phenomenon originated in the United States and propagated worldwide, it is the ideal day to offer good deals to your customers, Black Friday in Ireland marks the start of the Christmas shopping period and has attracted a growing number of buyers in our nation each year.

Have you noticed the excitement in the shops that the event brings in just a few days? This passion is found online, too.

How to make your mark and stand out from your competitors this shopping season?

Follow our advice to build a concrete and long-lasting communication strategy!

Key figures

On this occasion, consumers particularly appreciate fashion and electronics, which account for 55% of sales.
They are also looking for offers on home and garden, sports and leisure, high tech, travel, culture, catering, health and well-being.

Prepare Black Friday to bring customers to your store.
The prospect of making good deals in the run-up to Christmas is appealing to consumers. So do not hesitate to release your best bargains!

To succeed in your “drive-to-store” strategy, offer discounts early and put future sale items ahead 1/2 weeks earlier.

If you sell or take queries online, think about your “drive-to-web” strategy and launch your marketing campaign 3/4 weeks before the D-day: and yes,
from mid-November, your customers are already searching on the web, just look at the trend bellow from October!


Print advertising via local leaflet distribution is the ally of proximity communication: 3 in 4 consumers appreciate them, and among them… young people and e-buyers are not lagging behind!

It is a very convenient medium for consumers, who use it to compare bargains. It is a powerful drive-to-store and drive-to-web tool:
46% of direct mail readers then went to the store (or at least considered it), 15.2% visited the website of the brand (or have at least considered)

But not only: it is also a non-intrusive media, which is part of the chosen readings of consumers in Ireland.

Print advertising can take a multitude of forms (flyers, tri-folds, custom shapes, menus, coupons, vouchers), to enhance your message as efficiently as possible.

Our tip #1
Add a redeemable free sample of your product to your leaflet to make it more attractive!

Our tip #2
Insert a custom link with a free online scratch coupon or promotional code in your leaflet to measure the return on investment!

Our tip #3
Add a signup form to capture visitors emails in exchange for the coupon codes and enrich your email database for further follow-ups


leaflet delivery
Black Friday 2018 is Here: Mark Your Calendars! If you need help designing or printing an attractive leaflet for your business, we can help you!


With those captured emails, for example, you can segment your email list and the more precise your targeting is, the more you optimize your budget by attracting and talking to potentially interested customers that already received your offers via leaflet distribution and already know about your business, and now added a second touch point via email with Black Friday coupons.

96% of Internet users consult their mailbox every day. After an email, 61% of Irish people go to a store they never used before and 76% go to a point of sale they find familiar.
A beautiful performance using this mix of leaflet distribution and email!

Emailing is therefore extremely effective, both to retain your current customers and to find new customers, direct mail can maximize its usage and enrich your database.

Our tip #4
Present your promotional offers by price category or percentage of reduction, to highlight the benefit to the customer!

Complement your communication with a promotional offer (for example, a voucher). Do not hesitate to highlight its exceptional character.
If you are doing e-commerce, consider that your promotion may also apply to the delivery terms, which customers particularly appreciate, who doesn’t like FREE shipping?
And, to maximize your chances of reaching your future customers, combine these communication channels!

Also take advantage of these communication streams to announce and showcase in-store with thematic decoration, posters and point of sale material, that you will organize a special Black Friday event in store on the day.

Feel free to revamp your point of sale in the colours of your special Black Friday operation.
Use storefront posters and POS to enhance your promotional offers and attract customers to your store!


In terms of games, you are spoiled for choice to succeed! Here is a preview.

To reward the winners immediately, propose a game with instant prize money. Take inspiration from the wheel of fortune, for example.

Another option: the scratch game, whose success is no longer deniable. To create an opportunity for your customers to come back to visit you, choose the date of the draw to a few weeks later.
Suggest to your visitors a draw, a quiz, a voting game for a product to win, etc.

Our tip #5
For your prizes, bet on your most popular products… and think about collecting the details of the participants!

Take the opportunity to ask them a few questions to get to know them better: do they have children? A house with a garden?
How can you contact them later? Where do they live?

Games have a strong potential for engagement. This makes them excellent visibility tools, especially online and high traffic locations (point of sale, on your website, social media)

Get to know your Black Friday customers… to increase their loyalty!
Knowing your customers and prospects well, that’s a big challenge!
To get started, think about relying on the data that they have entrusted you with.
They will allow you to contact them after Black Friday (via email follow-up, SMS, online retargeting and targeted leaflet distribution).


Looking at a typical consumer profile attracted by Black Friday: in 2017, 38% were men, 62% of women.
While 25-34 year-olds are the majority (29% of buyers), 18-24 year-olds (22%) and 35-44 year-olds (19%) are not so far behind!
And while 86% want to buy online, 77% plan to go to the store.

With data, you can identify the objective characteristics that define your customers. To do what?
To adapt your company’s communication and your advertising campaigns to their expectations and needs.

Black Friday is the perfect time to start preparing your store and your stock for the holiday season.
This is an opportunity to reward your most loyal customers and acquire new ones. Show them that your brand is alive with original promotions until the end of the year!

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