7 HUGE Mistakes in Small Business Marketing


In marketing, you can do most things right and get bad results. Why?
Probably because you are committing one of the 7 HUGE Mistakes in Small Business Marketing.
But fear not, once you straighten up and fly right, you’ll unleash the full potential of your marketing!

In this article, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify the 7 biggest mistakes in your own marketing practices
  • Correct these marketing mistakes
  • Avoid repeating these mistakes in the future
  • Learn how to quickly create a positive from a certain business failure

So, here it goes, I’ll start with the most common and easiest mistake to fall into…

1: Explaining why YOUR BUSINESS is so great

Most people just want to know “what’s in it for me?”
They probably don’t care that you are the “best pick” of some random association they’ve never heard of.
They just want to know how your product makes their life better or easier.
Avoid this mistake by:
Listing the benefits (not fancy features) of your product and showing exactly how it improves your prospect’s life, avoid the “we, we, we, me, me, me talk”.

2: Claiming your product is the best

Even if your product is “the best” (and, let’s be honest, most industries don’t have a consensus for the “best” brand – Some claim Kerrygold butter is the best, while others prefer Flora butter, know what I mean?), claiming to be the best is boring.
Everyone does it. It’s meaningless. And braggy.
And people won’t want to hang out with you.
Avoid this mistake by:
Focusing on one positive, unique benefit of your company or product and promoting that in all your ads. And yes, this ties into your Unique Selling Proposition.

3: Marketing to everybody

Unless you sell toilet paper, not everyone will need your product. And have you ever noticed how many brands of toilet paper there are? Even commodities like this, select niches to exploit.
You’re not above it.
Avoid this mistake by:
Discovering what type of people truly need (and will buy) your product, and directly targeting them through direct mail, email blasts and other marketing methods.

4: Forgetting about your current customers

If someone buys from you once, they are more likely to do it again than a different person is to buy for the first time.
Don’t churn and burn through customers; consistently marketing to them is a potential goldmine of future sales.
Avoid this mistake by:
Offering additional products or services (and discounts!) to current customers to continue the relationship, their faithfulness should also be rewarded and recognized with offers, discounts or exclusive access to new services and products.

5: Not following up with leads

80% of sales are made between the 5th and 12th contact… 80%! Again: EIGHTY PERCENT.
Follow-up is not something to take lightly or as one more task, to-do or obligation that needs to be taken out of the way quickly. It’s a BIG deal, it’s THE DEAL, the fulfillment of all your marketing efforts.
Avoid this mistake by:
Developing a strategic marketing follow-up system that keeps your company and message in front of prospects.
We recommend Leaflets PLUS by All Homes for an all-in-one approach or automated integrated marketing campaign.

6: Expecting prospects to know what to do next

It may be obvious to you that the next step in the buying process is to call you.
It is NOT obvious to the prospect. In fact, without clear direction or instructions, they’ll probably do nothing.
Avoid this mistake by:
Placing a specific call to action on your ads (e.g. Call Today to Schedule an Appointment or Get Your Voucher at
(www.yourwebsite.com) and make the phone number and web address prominent, so there is no confusion.

7: Doing what your competitors do

If your greatest competitor is known in the marketplace for the “lowest prices,” why try to compete on that level?
You’re just setting yourself up to fail.
Avoid this mistake by:
Filling an unmet need in the marketplace, and showing prospects why they should choose you over the competition, this also represents a great opportunity for innovation in your industry, just put the thinking cap on, brainstorm with your team, ask customers what they really need and then, fill this requirement.

Just a quick overview on how differentiation fuels innovation for the benefit of your customers and your industry:

In 1999 All Homes was the first leaflet company to introduce reporting features, others followed us – In mid-2005 we introduced real-time GPS tracking, again, only some followed us – In 2010 we introduced the interactive mapping tool, no other company have managed to do it properly yet – Recently we introduced our leaflet manager, which is the hub for the management, tracking and reporting of all your leaflet campaigns, this year we are innovating again with the introduction of Leaflets PLUS®; and we know many competitors will try and fail again at following our innovation and commitment…Why?

Simply because we do it for the customer benefit; our competitors do it to try and follow us or be like us, and that’s the wrong reasons to do it or be in business.

If you are in business today; trail your own path and do your own mark in the sector, the only unique thing about your business is you, so don’t try and be something else 🙂

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