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With so many free apps and online services for the property market, it’s easy to move all your real estate or auctioneers marketing online.

But the difference between success and failure could reside on the smallest and easiest to forget channel: leaflet distribution or direct mail.

Online and leaflet marketing are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they’re natural partners in your real estate business in Ireland.

Direct mail is a great way to integrate your online marketing with print marketing to promote your business on a local level while boosting your online brand.

The best Pros and the best Property brands use leaflet distribution repetitively.

That’s it! – This is the conclusion we came to, after over 17 years in business, serving auctioneers, independent agents, real estate groups, real estate franchises, big or small and going through a couple of property booms and busts (unfortunately), financial crisis and turnarounds alongside them…

Think about it: Each direct mail piece or leaflet is delivered to the home of the potential client and will be physically handled.
Tactile interaction adds another dimension to your brand and your marketing, which helps imprint your brand in a client’s memory.

Conversely, relying on Internet marketing alone requires the potential client to get online and search for the information.
They may find your site or they may find your competitor – which is probably not the result you want.

If your direct mail message is compelling, it will cement your brand and position you as someone who understands their needs and can help them.
It will also encourage potential clients to access more information using the method they prefer. (That’s excellent customer service!)

Here are some tips and tricks from the Property Pros for making your direct mail campaign more successful and profitable.

1. Real Estate Pros Give their prospects options and drive them online

Your leaflet or card will cater to personal preferences if it includes:

A phone number for people who prefer personal contact
A QR code for those who do everything on their smartphone
An email address for individuals who prefer to keep everything in writing
Your URL so they can visit your website without searching

2. Real Estate Pros are alert and Play the Odds

Most individuals are bombarded with dozens, even hundreds of emails on their computers each day. Few of these emails are ever opened.

Compare this to direct mail, which has much less competition in this online-focused day and age. There are fewer real estate items in physical letterboxes.
Additionally, direct mail can use bright colors, attention-grabbing graphics, and messages that are crafted to appeal to the recipient at a glance (in the case of real estate cards).

3. For Real Estate Pros Timing is everything

If a direct mail campaign is advertising an open house or any other time sensitive event, make sure to time your campaign in such a way that your leaflets reach your targeted area at least a few days prior to the event. At All Homes we offer you 1, 2 and 4-week distributions to suit your needs and planning, on average we can get your leaflets designed and printed within 1 week.

4. The Top Brands Segment, Target, and Craft their Message

Creating your campaigns based on targeted areas means you can tailor the message and the information to appeal specifically to that individual and target audience.
Pertinent information gets attention. Information that doesn’t impact the receiver will be tossed aside.

A leaflet about local contractors specializing in old clay drain pipes repairs with a link to a website to learn more about things you can do to prepare an aging house for new drainage, sent to older property areas will get attention. That same information sent to first-time homebuyers on new estates won’t.
Likewise, sending out a “Back to School” leaflet with information on the rankings of the local schools will interest young families more than seniors (unless they have grandchildren in the local area).

So, take the time to organize your real estate target areas into different categories and tag every new contact you add to keep your marketing (direct mail and other types) on track, segmented and working for you.

5. Top Agents know that Regular Contact and Repetition is Key

This isn’t news to you veterans. You should plan for a minimum of 4-8 contacts with each individual on prospect list per year. You can use holidays, changes in the market, listings of interest to the specific client/prospect, a recently sold home in their area (or with the amenities they desire most), a change of seasons, a new calendar year, time changes, events or celebrations specific to the local market, etc.)

Let your imagination guide you on how and when to contact them, but be sure to schedule the contacts in advance. Plan first and send on schedule. You can always add a new direct mail campaign if a situation arises that impacts the contact, but that should not alter your scheduled contacts.

6. The Best Estate Agents Keep Costs Down

Fewer companies are sending physical leaflets for lead generation due to lack of structure, resources, planning, know-how and the time required to send out properly crafted leaflets.
They aren’t as organized and as creative as you are. There are several things you can do to reduce your costs while making your leaflet stand out:

  • Use a print company specializing in real estate. (Select one that permits the use of a library of effective, tested marketing templates and messages for your target audience, or develop your own brilliant ideas!) If you’re good at designing, you can create your own design and upload them for printing. At All Homes, we can help you with ALL of the above, ask us for pricing.
  • Use shared, 4-week distributions for campaigns that aren’t time sensitive. Personal promotion or brand building campaigns are not time sensitive and you can use our shared 4-week distribution option, that will offer you significant savings and your leaflet will be the only real estate leaflet being delivered by us during that time period.
  • Create a leaflet for brand building or personal promotion. Buy these in larger quantities. Typically, significant discounts are available when you buy larger quantities say 50.000 or 100.000 leaflets/cards. Then spread personal or branding campaigns of 10.000 leaflets every 4 weeks to your local area or high-commission areas. Imagine sending out 10.000 leaflets each month for less than €300.

Direct mail is a relationship-building form of marketing and will continue to pay dividends over the long haul. It’s like residual income.
You build it and tend it regularly and it grows your leads today, tomorrow, and into the next generation of your client’s families and throughout their network of friends.
Give your potential clients useful information on a regular basis and they will use your services and will recommend you to others.

Our team at All Homes Leaflet distribution is always available to help guide you through planning, design options, printing and targeting methods for a successful real estate marketing campaign using leaflets. Hope that you have found this article useful…

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