10 Tips to Quickly Improve the Profitability of Your Leaflet Distribution Campaign


In both prospecting and lead generation, leaflet distribution is the premium channel of customer relations.

If you want to boost the effectiveness of your leaflet delivery campaigns, follow this guide!

1. Test different text on your leaflet or the date of distribution

The title and text its the hook on which depend the effectiveness of your message. The product or service may not have changed, but nothing prevents the main title or the message from being changed.

This will allow you to stay current (why not ride on current trends or relevant news topic?), Test different formulations to see what works best in direct mail, and perhaps even try the most effective formulas on other media?

Are you used to order leaflet delivery in the spring? Do you prefer your campaigns to start at the beginning of the week? Why not try it closer to weekends, or at other times of the month or year? You may be surprised at the results!

2. Make it multi-channel

The effectiveness of communication is multiplied by investing multiple channels in the same campaign.

In parallel to your leaflet distribution campaign, communicate on the social networks, in point of sale, or email marketing, suggest discounts accessible via QR Code… and plan a campaign boost via SMS texts.

3. Test different product benefits

If you market a flagship product with different benefits, do not always communicate them in the same way.

Test the effectiveness of the arguments by sending different leaflet design variations in the same campaign (be careful to put in place a different discount offer code for each leaflet, or other systems to evaluate and measure the returns).

You will know which benefits of your offer people prefer and generates the most answers.

4. Adapt Your messages to Your targets

The right message for each target: tone, arguments, products, illustrations … can and should be adapted according to the different segments you want to target.

Younger people will not communicate in the same way as senior population; The heads of families will not be sensitive to the same arguments as the unmarried. The gender of the recipients, the frequency of purchase, the average order, etc.

Are just as many criteria to consider when designing your various leaflets.

5. Use double sided printing

A single sided leaflet is often enough but does not always give enough details about your product or service.

If you sell a complex item or if your product range is large, it is recommended to print on both sides of the leaflet, the difference in design and printing costs are minimal.

6. Offer a gift or a free sample

The appeal of a gift or free sample depends on the product or service you offer, but it is always well perceived by the recipient, who will feel valued.

The consumer will appreciate this gesture and will remember it!

7. Build on your experience

Leaflet distribution is not only used to improve your sales and leads, but it can also help develop a communication channel with your target audience.

Do not delegate everything; Get involved in the whole process, from planning to design, to selecting targets … Your business expertise is an added value, and you will do even better at the next leaflet delivery campaign!

8. Provide additional facilities and services

Payment in installments, delivery options, card payments… Put yourself in the consumer¬†shoes, make it easier for them to buy and communicate on this type of advantages,
which the competition may not offer. This will surely make the difference on your response rate.

For some consumers, a Lo-call or Free-call number can be the missing nudge to purchase. By offering a Toll-free number or a local number, you can increase direct calls from your customers and prospects.

If you or your salespeople are able to take over the follow-ups effectively, you will have everything to gain by further humanizing the relationship! That;s actually what we do here at All Homes Leaflet Distribution, we could easily automate the quotation requests for our services, but decided that our prospects (You) and the service we provide, demand this extra human touch.

9. Provide an advantage to reactive customers

To improve your cash flow, there is nothing like a special offer for the first X amount of customers to order!

You can also try to reduce the usual validity period of a coupon or offer to quickly boost your turnover.

10. Partner with other businesses

As Long as they’re non-competing businesses, we suggest leaving 5 or 6 leaflets on other local businesses counters, you’ll get ahead of the competition and easily prospect new consumer targets. All dentists have a waiting area with literature available the same for hair salons or local garages.

You can actually take the business relationship further by building local partnerships and do a joint distribution for your businesses and have a discount on distribution, usually when delivering 2 leaflets to the same areas and at the same time you can get huge discounts.

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