10 Motor Industry Marketing Tips to Increase Sales Using Leaflets


Want some extra “vroom-vroom” in sales and that extra “ka-ching!” in the bank? Then put on your seatbelt and read on!

2018 is around the corner, as an automotive salesperson you want to start introducing your new 2018 models, promote test-drives, etc.. – or you are a mechanic/garage owner that wants to promote the winter car servicing deals on offer.

Whether you do car washing, car sales or rent or anything in between, chances are that you will become dependent on good marketing, and, as many in the motor industry, your sales will depend a lot on proper deployment of your most valuable marketing asset; the leaflet campaign.

With results in mind here are 10 Excellent Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Leaflet Marketing Campaigns in 2018 and give that extra vroom vroom boost to your sales

auto dealership marketing tips
Achieve more sales this 2018 with these Leaflet Marketing Campaign Tips for the automotive sector


Leaflet marketing can be a very valuable form of marketing for the whole of the motor industry; car dealers, mechanics, car/van rental, car parts, used car dealerships, auto finance, car insurance, car wash service just to name a few. If done incorrectly, however, it can lead to a lot of wasted money and effort!

Now that you’re considering doing a leaflet campaign for your automotive sales or services business, make sure you follow these 10 easy tips that our marketing experts have discovered throughout the years working with motor industry experts.

Plan ahead.

Are you opening a new location, or is there an important upcoming milestone or anniversary at your location?
Scheduling a leaflet campaign around special events is a great way to get your message out.

Your leaflet should be eye-catching.

High-quality photos of your shop and staff work best and add a personal touch,
but we can also provide stock photography and graphics as needed.

Keep your message simple – short, bold headlines are most effective.

Bullet points and small segments of information help keep it straightforward.
Your information, offers, and pricing should be easy to understand at a glance.

Oversized leaflets with a better paper quality stand out in the letterbox.

They also give you more room to include photos, offers and even a map to your location.
We offer A4” and A5” sizes, among others and different paper weights and finishes.

There are two sides to your leaflet – make the most of both of them.

The “front,” or promotional side, should have the biggest photos and boldest colors.
The back is a good place for your offers, contact information, and other details.

Encourage quick action, and think in timely terms.

Leaflets are great for seasonal offers and customer service reminders.
Including an expiration date or a “fast action bonus” are great ways to get customers in the door quicker.

Tailor both your offers and your audience to your marketing objective.

Is your goal to sell as many new cars as possible, book servicing or maintenance, are you looking for a very specific type of customer? We can help you determine what’s best for your business, whether it’s blanket covering certain areas or targeting by income.

It’s okay to send the same leaflet over and over for consistency.

In fact, it’s what we recommend! Sending the same leaflets to the same market at least three times provides
you with your best chance of reaching potential customers at a time that coincides with their need for service.

Make responding easy.

Make it as easy as possible for people to reply to your campaign by giving them more than one way to avail of the offer. All Homes leaflet distribution can help you give your potential customers multiple options: they can call a tracking phone number, visit the dedicated website landing page, click on an online ad, or, of course, bring the leaflet into your place of business.

Keep track of your responses.

We can track your phone calls and web traffic on our end, but keeping a record of walk-in leaflet vouchers/coupons redemptions and phone answering/sales skills is key for measuring the results of your campaign.

Want to know how much a leaflet campaign for the automotive sales and services would cost?

Do you have additional questions about leaflet distribution for the motor & automotive sales and service sector?

Our team at All Homes Leaflet distribution is always available to help guide you through planning, design options, printing and targeting methods for a successful automotive marketing campaign using leaflets.
Hope that you have found this article useful…

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