Leaflet Distribution Checklist

Get it right before delivery is made Just follow this checklist on planning a successful leaflet delivery campaign
By George Oliveira
5 days ago

Are You REALLY Ready to launch Your leaflet distribution campaign?

I know you’re excited to get your leaflets out to prospects, but before you hit the send button (or give someone else the OK), take a quick stroll through this checklist to make sure everything is 100%

From marketing offer to area targeting, this is an easy way to make sure you get it right.

Leaflet Delivery Campaign Checklist

what is leaflet distribution?
(Leaflet Distribution Campaign Checklist)

leaflet distributionI researched my competition to see what marketing (ads, offers, website, etc.) they’re doing and how it compares to mine. And I have upgraded my leaflet/flyer design based on my findings to ensure my business TRULY stand out.

leaflet distribution dublinI chose the perfect audience and areas to target with my campaign.

leaflet distribution irelandI have an effective, unique offer that should pique the interest of the targeted audience and areas I’ve selected. (If you’re not sure, ask yourself if YOU would redeem your offer!)

leaflet distribution companyThe message and colors on my leaflet are eye-catching and relevant to my target audience.

leaflet distribution jobsIt is IMMEDIATELY clear what my business does and is offering when prospects glance at my leaflet.

leaflet distribution priceMy web address is on the leaflet… and my website is a place that will make visitors like and trust my business AND help advance the sales process.

Important Note:
Over 95% of prospects will visit your website before calling or stopping by, so this step is vital! If your website is going to make people think twice about doing business with you, we encourage you to get your website in order before you mail a single leaflet, perhaps try replacing the website with an email address.

leaflet distribution checklistMy leaflet or flyer has a strong call to action that tells my reader exactly what I want them to do next. (Example: Schedule an appointment today! Or: Visit www.mywebsite.com for a free quote!)

leaflet distribution dublin irelandThis leaflet or flyer includes a way to track the results of my campaign (printed qr code on the postcard, dedicated landing page, phone call tracking, etc.).

Important Note:
Tracking is important because it will help you run more effective marketing campaigns at a lower cost in the future. When you know what works, you win!

leaflet distribution AllhomesMy receptionists and sales team are prepared on how to handle new leads, AND gather every caller’s contact information!

door to door leaflet distributionI've contact my account manager at AllHomes Leaflet distribution for advice and final campaign checks.

Every box checked? You Nailed it!

You are now free to enjoy your new revenue – once the campaign is finished...but if you need anything in the meantime, feel free (literally, it’s free) to call and stalk us with your marketing questions!

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You know what’s not fun? Realizing there’s a problem with your leaflet campaign AFTER you delivered it. The main purpose of this article is to help you avoid that unpleasant fate with a quick pre-delivery checklist. In Summary:

Hope that you have found this article useful, our team at AllHomes Leaflet distribution is always available to help guide you through planning, design options, printing and targeting methods for a successful leaflet distribution campaign.

what is leaflet distribution?

Author: George Oliveira, Full-stack Marketer at AllHomes

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what is leaflet distribution?

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