How Effective is Leaflet Distribution?

In the era of hyper-connection and digital trends Leaflet distribution KO's perceived ideas!
By George Oliveira
1 week ago

Leaflet Distribution Myths vs. Reality

In the era of hyper-connection, hashtags and digital trends, one might think that leaflet delivery has become media's poor relative to the general public eyes.

We can almost imagine how overwhelmed the flyer/leaflet is by it's digital descendants of first and second generation, (emails and sms), pointed out by the generation Z, great consumer of videos, a smartphone glued to the thumbs.

But thats not the reality! Neither dusty nor weakened, the flyer through a letterbox is a powerful super-media and loved by the general public.

Everyday the humble advertising leaflet gets in 1.7 million households in Ireland , bearer of good deals, promotions and information. Supporting its media partners, it is extremely effective as a footfall generator to shops, phone calls and web traffic to businesses.

Today, it is capable of transforming and enriching its contents thanks to augmented reality and marketing automation ... leaflet advertising through leaflet distribution has not finished surprising us all...

Discover bellow, hidden details on leaflet delivery performance, the unsuspected powers of leaflet design and leaflet distribution ... and free yourself from perceived ideas and myths surrounding leaflet distribution.

what is leaflet distribution?
(How effective is Leaflet distribution? Myth vs Reality)

Myth #1: Nobody reads it, it goes directly to the trash!

False; no less than 93.4% of Irish people have read at least one letter every week! The hearing of door drops increased by 0.6 point in 2016 compared to 2015. With over 2 billion euros spent annually , "door drops" is the 4th advertising medium in Ireland.

Myth #2: It is not appreciated by the general public!

False; leaflet delivery is Ireland's preferred medium to receive advertising (68% of the public), watching television ads (27%) and Internet ads (21%).

Moreover, while the tendency to use advertising blockers is confirmed among Internet users who refuse to see online advertisements that they consider intrusive and irrelevant, the majority of Irish people do not stick a "No Junk Mail" sign on lettersboxes! A sign that the general public are receptive to leaflets being delivered to them, so they can choose to read whenever they want, take advantage of an offer or discover a new product/service...

Myth #3: It is not targeted!

False; leaflet distribution allows targeting using different criteria ... AllHomes Leaflet Distribution Ltd has many targeting areas and offers, regularly updated, and there's numerous possibilities, even for bulk distributions that can benefit from geographical targeting, or, B2B targeting if you want to target other businesses.

what is leaflet distribution?
(Leaflet Distribution - Fine targeting and segmentation allowed)

Myth #4: Young people do not like it!

False; leaflet distribution and advertising through leaflets is anchored in the lives of young consumers (18-25 year olds) , from the toy catalog during their childhood to sport clubs flyers and GAA team leaflets in their teen years.

Perceived as useful and reliable is very well received by young people, they consider its reading as a moment of pleasure. Bearer of good experiences and events, promotions and updated information, it is kept in anticipation of a future purchase.

Curious and on the lookout for things to do, young people appreciate being informed of the offers available in their catchment area. Hence the importance of a good geographic targeting.

Myth #5: It is old fashioned!

False; the uses of digital technology will continue to multiply? They will! However, it will never replace the print. The physical leaflet keeps a special place in the lives of the general public.

In fact, 81% said to read print advertising at least 1x/week and 80% say that they keep it for immediate/future use.

With the development of QR codes, image recognition and technologies such as augmented reality, paper gains a new breath of life by becoming connected. Your communication is thus enriched with new functionalities (making appointments, location of point of sale, data collection, quote request ...) and gains in efficiency!

Myth #6: It is not effective!

Wrong, this is a medium that encourages "action". 47% of Irish people went shopping (where they usually don't), after receiving an advertising leaflet.

This figure is confirmed by another study which states that "37% believe it encourages to visit the store" (Leaflet delivery is the #1 media, far ahead of the others).

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Leaflet distribution is alive and well. This article debunks some myths about leaflet distribution performance and how leaflet delivery knock out some pre-conceived ideas and other new threats. In Summary:

  • People DO read Leaflets that arrive through the letterbox
  • It is an advertising method that people actually like
  • Leaflet delivery CAN be targeted
  • Young people like it
  • It integrates with new technologies and is constantly evolving

Hope that you have found this article useful, our team at AllHomes Leaflet distribution is always available to help guide you through planning, design options, printing and targeting methods for a successful leaflet distribution campaign.

what is leaflet distribution?

Author: George Oliveira, Full-stack Marketer at AllHomes

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what is leaflet distribution?

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