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25.000 - Solo - Dublin West

The Dublin Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (DSPCA) is a registered charity, established in 1840 to prevent cruelty to animals and is now Ireland's largest animal welfare organisation.

They called AllHomes for the design, print and delivery of their leaflet in West Dublin areas, which after carefull planning required a total of 25.000 leaflet to reach the target market. All Homes successfully deliverd to all planned households using a solo distribution.

The results were an increase in donations, animal adoptions and brand recognition as Ireland's largest animal welfare organisation, but above all an increased animal welfare awareness.

Compared to other services AllHomes provided the best value, best price and best customer service, we get everything that we need and very easy to work with.
Lori D.
Head of developement - DSPCA

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